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What is California doing about climate change?

From: Our Changing Climate, 2009

Strengthening mitigation. California has been a global and national leader in developing solutions to energy security and climate change. Its landmark Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32, passed in 2006) established near- and medium term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, while setting the stage for even more dramatic reductions by 2050 and beyond. It has established a mandatory greenhouse gas registry and a voluntary carbon market; for decades, California has been a leader in energy efficiency and is in the process of strengthening requirements for renewable energy generation.

Advancing adaptation. More recently, the State has also begun—with the development of its first statewide adaptation plan—to formulate clear strategies and embark on real actions to prepare for, and deal with, the unavoidable impacts of climate change. These strategies will need to be updated periodically as climate change unfolds. The latest climate science makes clear that State, national and global efforts to mitigate climate change must be accelerated to limit global warming to levels that do not endanger basic life support systems and human well-being. Success in mitigation will keep climate changes within the bounds that allow society and ecosystems to adapt without major disruptions. Further advances in integrative climate change science must inform California’s and the world’s climate choices.

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