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Health: Many opportunities to reduce social vulnerabilities

From: Our Changing Climate 2012: Assessing the Risks to California (pdf)

Climate change could have major impacts on public health and well-being throughout California if adequate adaptation measures are not taken. However, many climate adaptation opportunities exist for protecting the public welfare, many of which have already proven effective. Strategic placement of cooling centers, for instance, has been clearly shown to save lives during heat waves.

Many of the gravest threats to public health in California stem from the increase of extreme conditions, principally more frequent, more intense, and longer heat waves. Particular concern centers on the increasing tendency for multiple hot days in succession, and heat waves occurring simultaneously in several regions throughout the state. Public health could also be affected by climate change impacts on air quality, food production, the amount and quality of water supplies, energy pricing and availability, and the spread of infectious diseases. These impacts could have potentially long-term repercussions, and the severity of their impacts depends largely on how communities and families can adapt.

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