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Informing improved water management in the face of current and future climate variability

From: Our Changing Climate 2012: Assessing the Risks to California (pdf)

A decade of collaboration between scientists and California water managers has led to the development of a probabilistic-based decision-support software, called INFORM (Integrated Forecast and Reservoir Management), that has shown demonstrable success in increasing water supply availability and hydropower generation from the state’s largest reservoirs in Northern California, while still protecting the public from flooding. These reservoirs represent about 68 percent of the total storage capacity in the Sacramento and San Joaquin region, and about two-thirds of the state’s drinking water. Some of the world’s most productive farmlands also depend on that water for irrigation. A new study tests this probabilistic forecasting system as a tool to support water utilities in their management efforts. To fully implement such a system in California, major obstacles would have to be overcome, including challenges in interagency coordination and cooperation at the local level, operational rules, norms of professional behavior, and legal barriers at the federal level, which may require Congressional action.

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