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Climate & Health: The White House Makes the Connection

The White House's efforts to act on climate change took on a health focus this week, with the President announcing a new study, research tools, and an upcoming national conference linking climate change to health impacts. The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment by the US Global Change Research Program provides a comprehensive and evidence-based overview of current and projected climate change-related health impacts. An effort to educate health professionals on connection between health and climate will be led by a new coalition of deans from medical schools and other public health schools. Additionally, the White House also recently announced the creation of a new section on the website run by NOAA and NASA to provide a collection of datasets and tools for citizens as well as researchers and business leaders on climate change's impact on public health—extreme heat and weather events; air pollution; food- and water-related threats; and more.

Post last edited on: 2015 April 14

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