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Risky Business Report: Mitigation & Adaptation Needed for California

A new report by the Risky Business Project, From Boom to Bust? Climate Risk in the Golden State takes a close look at the economic impacts of climate change in California and how climate action—or inaction—would affect labor productivity, energy, and public health. The report connects the dots between inaction and dire consequences, showing how extreme heat, sea level rise, and changes in precipitation as result of climate change could bring on the widespread loss of coastal property and infrastructure; threats to agricultural and the state's water supply; and stresses on the electrical demand that would lead to higher energy costs. On the health front, poorer air quality and rising temperatures would be responsible for more injuries and deaths. The good news is that local and regional adaptation measures as well as substantial mitigation can help California avoid the most damaging impacts of climate change.

Post last edited on: 2015 April 14

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