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New Global Study of Warming Lakes

In an effort to establish baselines on lake thermal conditions and track the ecological effects of climate change, the Global Lake Temperature Collaboration has collected global lake temperature data for 291 lakes and reservoirs across the globe over a 25-year period (1985-2009). The global data sets, compiled with in situ and satellite data, also show climatic drivers such as air temperatures, solar radiation, and cloud cover. Findings from the comprehensive database are shared in Nature, including an increase in lake temperatures that is generally consistent with regional air temperatures, although some bodies of water are warming more rapidly than regional air temperature.

Sharma, S. et al. A global database of lake surface temperatures collected by in situ and satellite methods from 1985–2009. Sci. Data 2:150008 doi: 10.1038/sdata.2015.8 (2015).

Post last edited on: 2015 March 20

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