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Natural Resources Agency Releases Plan to Guide California’s Climate Change Adaptation Efforts

The Natural Resources Agency has released an ambitious final plan for how California will prepare for the extreme effects of climate change. The report, titled Safeguarding California: Implementation Action Plans, consists of ten sectors that include water, agriculture and biodiversity. The report takes the recommendations of the 2014 Natural Resources Agency report Safeguarding California: Reducing Climate Risk and develops a path for future progress by presenting risks posed by climate change, adaptation efforts already underway, and future actions that will be taken to safeguard California communities and natural systems.

This landmark report follows Governor Brown’s executive order B-30-15, which established the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction target in North America, and the implementation actions this report contains seek to fulfill the governor’s directive while avoiding high costs. Safeguarding California was completed after the Natural Resources Agency released draft Implementation Action Plans, which have since been extensively workshopped by authors from lead agencies in each sector and updated with concerns and suggestions from stakeholders and members of the public. These Action Plans will enhance the state’s readiness for drought, wildfire, rising sea levels, and increasingly extreme weather. In June 2016, the Natural Resources Agency will receive reports from the leading agencies in each sector of the report on the priority actions outlined in the Implementation Action Plans in accordance with Governor Brown’s executive order. The leading agencies in each sector were aided by the Climate Action Team Working Groups, the Strategic Growth Council, and the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research.

Additional link: Safeguarding California

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