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Adaptation Planning and Greenhouse Gas Monitoring in Santa Barbara

Since August 2015, the County of Santa Barbara has been working to implement 51 Energy Reduction Measures (ERMS) as part of its Climate Action Plan. In conjunction with its efforts, CivicSpark fellow Frank Chen is assisting the County with the revitalization of its GHG monitoring tools. In addition to greenhouse gas emissions reduction measures, the plan includes adaptation measures such as climate resilient land use design, transportation, water efficiency and agriculture. Many of these measures will have additional community benefits as well, such as public health improvements as a result of reduced emissions and more active modes of transportation. The County has also developed a draft work plan that will assist stakeholders in planning and monitoring progress as the County continues to implement the ERMS. In the coming months, the County hopes to finalize the work plan and a GHG monitoring tool to better track its emissions reductions.

For more information, please visit: County of Santa Barbara - Energy and Climate Action Plan

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