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Cal-Adapt 2.0: Download Data for Annual Averages of Temperature and Precipitation

Posted: 2016 February 16

Download annual averages of projected temperature and precipitation in California for future and historical scenarios.

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Cal-Adapt 2.0: Beta Site Displays Annual Averages for Temperature and Precipitation

Posted: 2015 December 14

Roll-out of Cal-Adapt 2.0 is underway! Checkout our beta site and give us your feedback.

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Cal-Adapt Recognized as Key Resource in California Legislation

Posted: 2015 September 24

On September 2, 2015, California’s State Legislature enrolled Senate Bill 379, which explicitly names Cal-Adapt as a resource for helping counties and cities across California understand and plan for local vulnerabilities related to climate change.

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New Sea Level Rise Visualizations with USGS CoSMoS Data and Guidance on Interpreting Climate Projections

Posted: 2015 June 16

Cal-Adapt launches new visualizations for Sea Level Rise from USGS CoSMoS model and adds guidance on how to interpret climate projections.

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What's to come?

Posted: 2015 June 15

Cal-Adapt will continue to add new features, enhancements, and data sets.  Here are some of the new items that we expect to implement in the coming months...

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The State of California’s Climate Change Research Catalog

Posted: 2014 December 18

Cal-Adapt is now hosting California’s Climate Change Research Catalog, which contains information about research projects supported by state government, including the project name and year, budget, principal investigators, and a short description.

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New Video Demo and Online Course

Posted: 2014 April 25

We've recently added a short video tour to walk you through the different tools and data available in Cal-Adapt.

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New extreme heat tool

Posted: 2013 December 05

New extreme heat tool. One of the most serious threats to the public health of Californians, that has already presented a challenge to date, are extreme heat events. Climate models, developed by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, project that extreme heat events will increase in frequency, intensity, and duration given future climate change.

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Welcome to Cal-Adapt!

Posted: 2011 June 06

After months of development, this web resource is now open to public use.  Within this site you will find a variety of tools and resources that enable you to visualize climate change data throughout California.

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New Cal-Adapt updates

Posted: 2011 May 13

Thanks to all of our beta testers who have given us great feedback on the site!  We have just enabled a number of updates that we hope addresses many of the thoughts that our users have shared.

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What makes Cal-Adapt work?

Posted: 2011 April 02

Cal-Adapt has been developed using free and open-source software, hosted on virtual private servers.  Using Django, a Python web framework, we are able to knit together each of the site’s technology components to create a cohesive and unified user experience.  This page describes the technical details.

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