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Extreme heat

Hot Time in the City: Heat Waves

A UCLA study confirms what many city residents know to be true: the heat island effect can make cities uncomfortably hot.

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Health: Many opportunities to reduce social vulnerabilities

Climate change could have major impacts on public health and well-being throughout California if adequate adaptation measures are not taken.

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Intensification of Heat Waves

By 2100, if temperatures rise to the higher warming range, there could be up to 100 more days per year with temperatures above 90°F in Los Angeles and above 95°F in Sacramento. As  temperatures rise, Californians could face greater risk of death  from dehydration, heat stroke/exhaustion, heart attack, stroke, and respiratory distress caused by extreme heat. By mid century, extreme heat events in urban  centers such as Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino could cause two to three times more heat-related deaths than occur today.

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