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Browse publications gathered by the California Energy Commission that focus on climate change issues relevant to the State of California. Find both PIER research papers as well as relevant articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Publications Published in 1990

  1. Global Climate Change and Intensification of Coastal Ocean Upwelling. Bakun, Andrew.
    Science: 1990
    DOI: 10.1126/science.247.4939.198
    A mechanism exists whereby global greenhouse warning could, by intensifying the alongshore wind stress on the ocean surface, lead to acceleration of coastal upwelling. Evidence from several different regions suggests that the major coastal upwelling systems of the world have been growing in upwelling intensity as greenhouse gases have accumulated in the earth's atmosphere. Thus the cool foggy summer conditions that typify the coastlands of northern California and other similar upwelling regions might, under global warming, become even more pronounced. Effects of enhanced upwelling on the marine ecosystem are uncertain but potentially dramatic.

  2. Tree invasion in meadows of lassen volcanic national park, California. Taylor, Alan H.
    Professional Geographer: 1990
    The causes of tree invasion into meadows in Lassen Volcanic National Park were investigated by dating invasive trees and associating age structure patterns with regional variations in fire history, grazing, and climate change Massive invasion was associated primarily with cessation of livestock grazing and burning between 1905 and 1933, but climatic changes may also have contributed. Maintenance of meadows may require continued use of unnatural processes due to uncertainties about pre-European fire regimes and other resource considerations.


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