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Impact and Adaptation Studies 160
Regional Climate Analysis and Modeling 88
GHG Emissions Reduction 83
GHG Inventory Methods 61
others 89

This site represents only a subset of projects. Please see agency publications for official budget figures.

The State of California has been supporting regional climate change research for more than a decade. These studies have complemented research at the national level and have been designed to inform climate policy deliberations and actions in California. This Research Catalog provides basic information about past and ongoing climate change related studies that state agencies have conducted or commissioned since the early 2000s. The purpose of this catalog is to document California’s research efforts and to facilitate the exchange of information.

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  1. Assessment of Bay Area Gas Pipeline Vulnerability to Sea Water Intrusion
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Radke, John (The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Berkeley campus)
    Year finished: 2015, Budget: $425,000
    Published/Product: 500-11-016
    The Contractor will map the location of gas pipelines to estimate the total extent of gas pipelines in the San Francisco Bay Metropolitan region and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region that are at risk to sea level rise.

  2. Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in California Agricultural Soils
    Lead Agency: CEC in collaboration with CDFA, ARB
    Principal Investigator(s): Johan Six Et Al (University of California, Davis)
    Year finished: 2008, Budget: $250,000
    Estimation of the economic potential to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions in crop farming operations

  3. Assessment of Household Carbon Footprint Reduction Potentials
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Eric Masanet, Klaas Jan Kramer, Greg Homan, Rich Brown, Ernst Worrell (LBNL)
    Year finished: 2009, Budget: $75,000
    In this project, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory developed a carbon footprint modeling framework that characterizes the key underlying technologies and processes that contribute to household carbon footprints in California and the United States.

  4. Assessment of Residential Natural Gas Emissions
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Marc Fischer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    Year finished: 2017, Budget: $500,000
    This is the first study designed to estimate the magnitude of residential methane leakage. Since results indicate that leakage from residential (and perhaps commercial buildings) may constitute a non-trivial fraction of California's natural gas-related methane emissions to the atmosphere, additional research is needed. A systematic study that quantifies leakage from residential structures in California including both single and multi-family buildings across potentially relevant explanatory factors (e.g., geographic region, size, age of construction, assessed value, and owner occupied vs. rental classes) will greatly reduce uncertainty in this area.

  5. Assessment of the Potential Environmental Impacts of Alternative Energy Scenarios for California
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Kammen, Dan (UC Berkeley)
    Year finished: 2014, Budget: $200,574
    Published/Product: 500-11-033
    The proposed project will include an assessment of the environmental footprint of the energy scenarios identified in the California's Carbon Challenge report. The researcher will estimate the geographical footprint of the different energy technologies mandated by the scenarios. This will include not only the amount of land for energy development, but also assessment metrics to place these land demands into context, such as the ecological sensitivity of the area identified for future energy development. Similar efforts will be conducted to assess consumptive water demand; criteria air pollutant emissions, and climate change effects.

  6. Atmospheric Measurements and Modeling for Verification of AB-32 Mandated GHG Emissions Reductions
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Fischer, Marc (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
    Year finished: 2012, Budget: $505,000
    Published/Product: 500-08-019
    Ongoing research in the measurement of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at two towers: Sutro Tower in San Francisco and the Walnut Grove Tower south of Sacramento to assess the accuracy of existing emission estimates.

  7. Baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals for Forest and Rangelands in Arizona
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Sandra Brown Et Al. (Winrock International)
    Year finished: 2007, Budget: $304,311
    This study sought to quantify the baseline of changes in carbon stocks on forest and agricultural lands in Arizona for the 1990s.

  8. Baseline Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Forest, Range, and Agricultural Lands In California
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Sandra Brown Et Al (Winrock International)
    Year finished: 2006
    The purpose of this report is to examine the carbon emissions and sequestration from forests and rangelands in Shasta County between 1994 and 1999.

  9. Biological impacts of climate change in California
    Lead Agency: CEC in collaboration with CDFG, CALFIRE
    Principal Investigator(s): Terry Root (Stanford University and PRBO)
    Year finished: 2009, Budget: $500,000
    Published/Product: UC MR-074
    Conducts several case studies on the potential ecological impacts of climate change in CA

  10. BIOMOVE - Improvement and Parameterization of a Hybrid Model for the Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on the Vegetation of California
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Lee Hannah, Frank Davis Et Al. (Conservation International, UC Santa Barbara, etc.)
    Year finished: 2008, Budget: $198,926
    Development of a new advanced model to better estimate how climate change may affect ecosystems

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