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Impact and Adaptation Studies 160
Regional Climate Analysis and Modeling 88
GHG Emissions Reduction 83
GHG Inventory Methods 61
others 89

This site represents only a subset of projects. Please see agency publications for official budget figures.

The State of California has been supporting regional climate change research for more than a decade. These studies have complemented research at the national level and have been designed to inform climate policy deliberations and actions in California. This Research Catalog provides basic information about past and ongoing climate change related studies that state agencies have conducted or commissioned since the early 2000s. The purpose of this catalog is to document California’s research efforts and to facilitate the exchange of information.

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  1. Creating and mapping an urban heat island index for California
    Lead Agency: Cal EPA
    Principal Investigator(s): Haider Taha (Altostratus)
    Year finished: 2015, Budget: $100,000
    AB 296 (Skinner, 2012) states: “It is the intent of the Legislature that . . . The California Environmental Protection Agency shall develop a definition for the urban heat island effect. The definition shall include the extent and severity of an urban heat island effect index for California cities such that the cities can have a quantifiable goal for heat reduction.” The primary purpose of this work is to provide CalEPA, ARB, and other State agencies with quantitative estimates of an Urban Heat Island Index for California cities. Potential uses for this information include: (1) use in a future version of the CalEnviroScreen; (2) as a way to help quantify tbenefits of various Sustainable or Cool Communities strategies; and (3) as a tool for improving the evaluation of the public health effects on California residents of excess heat exposure.

  2. Economic Impact of Climate Change on Water Use in California.
    Lead Agency: Cal EPA in collaboration with CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Michael Hanneman (UC Berkeley)
    Year finished: 2006, Budget: $100,000

  3. Environmental Health and Justice Screening Tool
    Lead Agency: Cal EPA in collaboration with ARB
    Principal Investigator(s): Rachel Morello-Frosch, Manuel Pastor, James Sadd (UC Berkely, USC, Occidental College)
    Year finished: , Budget: $386,807
    Published/Product: Minding The Climate Gap:
    The screening tool is intended to assist in assessing the affects of climate change on vulnerable populations in the state of California

  4. I-5 Traffic Study
    Lead Agency: Cal EPA
    Principal Investigator(s): Michael Zang (UC Davis)
    Year finished: 2010, Budget: $249,998
    Collect and analyze traffic and travel behavior data before, during and after the closure of I-5 for repair work on the 'boat' section running through downtown Sacramento.


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