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Count for all projects in GHG Emissions Reduction

Impact and Adaptation Studies 160
Regional Climate Analysis and Modeling 88
GHG Emissions Reduction 83
GHG Inventory Methods 61
others 89

This site represents only a subset of projects. Please see agency publications for official budget figures.

The State of California has been supporting regional climate change research for more than a decade. These studies have complemented research at the national level and have been designed to inform climate policy deliberations and actions in California. This Research Catalog provides basic information about past and ongoing climate change related studies that state agencies have conducted or commissioned since the early 2000s. The purpose of this catalog is to document California’s research efforts and to facilitate the exchange of information.

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  1. Tools to help local governments identify the most effective transportation energy efficiency projects for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Blumstein, Carl (The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the California Institute for Energy and Environment)
    Year finished: 2010, Budget: $199,912
    Published/Product: BOA-99-242-R
    The purpose of this study is to summarize existing analyses and case studies of measures to reduce transportation energy consumption and present the information on an easily accessible website.

  2. Urban Forest Mapping
    Lead Agency: ARB in collaboration with CDF - Urban Forestry
    Principal Investigator(s): Tim Robards (CDF - Urban Forestry)
    Year finished: ongoing, Budget: $1,000,000
    The objective is to quantify the amount of existing and potential tree canopy for municipal, regional, and statewide assessment and to create a baseline for program evaluation.

  3. Used Oil LCA Practitiner
    Lead Agency: Cal Recycle
    Principal Investigator(s): Roland Geyer  (Regents of the University of Santa Barbara)
    Year finished: 2013, Budget: $615,934
    Conducting a comprehensive life-cycle assessment of California’s used lubricating and industrial oil management process.

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