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Count for all projects in 2012

Impact and Adaptation Studies 160
Regional Climate Analysis and Modeling 88
GHG Emissions Reduction 83
GHG Inventory Methods 61
others 89

This site represents only a subset of projects. Please see agency publications for official budget figures.

The State of California has been supporting regional climate change research for more than a decade. These studies have complemented research at the national level and have been designed to inform climate policy deliberations and actions in California. This Research Catalog provides basic information about past and ongoing climate change related studies that state agencies have conducted or commissioned since the early 2000s. The purpose of this catalog is to document California’s research efforts and to facilitate the exchange of information.

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  1. Water and Energy Sector Vulnerability to Climate Warming in the Sierra Nevada: Water Year Classification in Non-Stationary Climates
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Null, S. E., And J. H. Viers (University of California, Davis)
    Year finished: 2012
    This paper explores the sensitivity of water in dexing methods to climate change scenarios to better understand how water management decision s and allocations will be affected by climate change. 500-09-038

  2. Water-Energy Sector Vulnerability to Climate Warming in the Sierra Nevada: Simulating the Regulated Rivers of California’s West Slope Sierra Nevada
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Rheinheimer, D. R., S. T. Ligare, And J. H. Vier S (University of California, Davis))
    Year finished: 2012
    Climate warming is expected to affect the bene ficial uses of water in the Sierra Nevada, impacting nearly every resident of California. This paper describes the development and results from an integrated water resource management model encompassing water operations and hydropower generation for the west slope Sierra Nevada spanning the Feather River basin in the north to the Kern River basin in the south at the weekly time step. 500-09-038

  3. Winter fog and energy demand in the Central Valley
    Lead Agency: CEC
    Principal Investigator(s): Baldocchi, Dennis (The Regents of the University of California on behalf of the Berkeley campus)
    Year finished: 2012, Budget: $82,416
    Published/Product: 500-10-035
    A research team at UC Berkeley will conduct an analysis on long-term trends in winter fog across the fruit and nut growing region of California, the Central Valley, and estimate the effect of this trend on energy demand for heating. The researchers will use satellite imaging of fog (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer on the Geostationary Orbital Environmental Satellite) and climate data to study winter fog climatology in the Central Valley between November and February.

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